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ray ban sunglasses outlet sale footprint of the designers must have a representative work or create a certain trend, Scaasi those red and blue dot equipment, slightly the same color of youth ties, and black velvet Shiny crystal dress, it is difficult to sum up. Of course, in 1967, by virtue of 'Funny Girls' won Oscar Oscar winner Barbara Streisand when wearing that pants, until today is still talked about the design of Scaasi alone. Born in Canada, longer than the United States, Scaasi to design all kinds of colorful dress dress known, such as the last century 80's, a peach and goose dress to wear in the ladies Gayfryd Steinberg's body, instant fire. More importantly, Scaasi is the history of the United States has great historical connotation of fashion figures, many people said he opened the US apparel design from custom to garment design transformation of the era, which is the 20th century American fashion industry's most important turning point. Scaasi is not actually Arnold's real name, his original name is Arnold Issacs, changed to discount ray ban sunglasses

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ray ban outlet and color also has a sound And aroma. In addition to the use of this season in the process of weaving and other crafts, but also in Niigata, Japan weaving Japan's longest cycle of custom jacquard fabrics, and traditional Chinese embroidery to be improved and innovation, hope to show history and the future, power and Gentle and perfect blend. Designer Arai Shaw Armani pass out of this absolute confidence is also awe-inspiring - but it also means that he is not a quarterly heart can make people happy. Trends points: fold, thin, science fiction France Paris - Violet under the pen is really a lovely color. Hair mouse silver gray can also be in harmony with it. This seems to be the 'old Hollywood' color. Although the 'old Hollywood' more in black and white light and shadow, but to remember the aroma and color tone is not too difficult. Today's high set in the series, Giorgio Armani chasing those floating light glimpse. He wore black and wigs for every model, reminiscent of the 1939 black and white film 'Wuthering Heights' ray ban sunglasses outlet store

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cheap ray ban sunglasses outlet the Performance consciously played for the Chinese image of the role of audiovisual. In Hollywood, Huang Liu cream is the identity of Chinese descendants, and in China, she was seen as a Hollywood star. This is this view of the mountain view of her beautiful sense Of distance to create a deep mysterious. She was praised by the media as a 'red roses through ivory.' In 1934, Huangliushuang by the New York model organization Mayfair Mannequin Society selected as 'the world' s best women 's clothing. Earlier this year, the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art Service Institute had a costume in her collection of exhibits, as the United States of America contemporary women dressed in one of the six prototype. The costume from the Hollywood stylist Travi Banton hand, is a Embroidered dragon dragging velvet robes, concentrated on the Oriental elements of the Art Deco style. Not only the clothes itself has a heavy gorgeous decoration and soft fabric material contrast, yellow willow cream at the time ray ban sunglasses factory outlet